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NARTA Accreditation Process

The Accreditation Process

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The Accreditation Process

The steps in the accreditation process:


  • Obtain a copy of the Application Form
  • Complete the RELEVANT Details in each Part of the Application Form. Refer to the Information Pack and resources for assistance if needed.
  • Make the DECLARATION that appears on every page (even if the sections do not apply to your organisation).
  • Complete the Declaration and Payment Details in the Application Form.
  • Return your completed Form to your Organisation’s Office. Or if you are not a member of an AAG participant then post the application to the AAG Member of your choice.

Desk Audit

  • Upon receipt of the Accreditation Program Application Form the relevant office will ensure that the Accreditation Program Application Form has been correctly completed and a desk audit will be performed.
  • On successful completion of the desk audit an "on-site" audit will be arranged.

Site Audit

  • On successful completion of the "on-site" audit an Accreditation Certificate will be issued.

Ongoing Review

  • During the life of the Accreditation Certificate your organisation will undergo annual review. If it is found that claims made (or specifically excluded) are not correct Accreditation will be withdrawn until such errors are rectified.

Who Can Apply?

Who is eligible for accreditation?

This accreditation program is available Nationally in Australia and its Territories.

Organisations that are members of participants in the Accreditation Advisory Group (AAG) are eligible to undertake the accreditation program at member's rates and may obtain copies through their association.

Other applicants that are members of Peak Outdoor Education, Recreation and Tourism Associations (listed below) may undertake this program at the non-member rates as advertised.

Participation is voluntary though it is highly recommended.

The program is administered by the AAG. Participation indicates a willingness to be assessed against the accreditation criteria and an acceptance that trained assessors will undertake both desk and workplace audits to ensure accreditation standards are met.

How Much Will Accreditation Cost?


Full Fee

Discounted Rate for Outdoors NSW & CVA Members

Initial Accreditation (lasting 3 years)

$1,596.00 (ex GST) $1,065.00 (ex GST)

Re-Accreditation (lasting 3 years)

$1,412.00 (ex GST) $940.00 (ex GST)

The fee may be paid in three annual instalments (with a 10% surcharge added for time payment). Please arrange invoicing with the relevant office.

Applications from organisations that are not members of the associations that form the AAG may be able to accredit through NARTA. Please contact us to determine suitability.

Part 9 of the application consists of extra modules covering specific Statutory Authority Licenses (at extra cost).

Accreditation Resources

Additional resources to help Outdoors NSW and Christian Venues Association members with NARTA accreditation are available on request here.

There are numerous Templates, Pro Formas and Guides available from both of these organisations to assist applicants in preparing required material. Please contact either office for these resources which include:

  • Risk Management Plans
  • Emergency Management Plans
  • Pre Fire Plans
  • Booking and Cancellation Policies and forms
  • Accident & Incident Reporting forms
  • Child Related Incident Reporting Systems
  • Links to Business Forms including Business Plans, Maintenance Programs, Inspection Regimes, Employment and Induction forms
  • Links to OH&S proformas
  • Medical Permission Forms, including dietary requirements
  • Sample Group Safety Briefings
  • and many other forms drawn from hundreds of collective years of experience

Non-Members will need to contact either Christian Venues Association or ORIC, and after providing their details (including any Industry Association Membership details) they will be sent a copy of the NARTA Program.